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  1.  Gather all pay stubs,  bank statements, and existing loan statements
  2.  Complete the online application for  Leader Mortgage Corp. at www.leaderokc.com or contact Tina Ward  to complete over the telephone  405-794-3947
  3.  Leader Mortgage Corp. will review the credit report and loan application to determine the loan programs and price range a borrower will qualify for.
  4.  Average time frame for a pre-approval is 24-48 hours, expect a return call or email during this time.
  5.  Our loan officers will go over a payment, credit scores, price range and loan programs you qualify for.
  6.  A pre-approval letter can be issued at this time.
  7.  Contact your real estate agent to look for houses in your pre-approved price range.
  8.  When you obtain an accepted contract on a home contact Leader Mortgage Corp. to start the loan process.
  9. We will set you an appointment time to meet and sign your loan disclosures.
  10.  Bring all loan paperwork requested to the loan appointment.
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CENTURY 21® Agents Paul and Kathy Gordon are Here to Help!
Buying a home can be stressful.
A CENTURY 21 agent will be your greatest ally championing your issues and guiding you through the process.
Our Sales Professional will help with:

  • Determining affordability. 
  • Identifying financing methods.
  • Providing estimates for all costs that will be incurred such as local taxes, municipal services etc.
  • Giving you insightful knowledge of your desired neighborhood.

Each home has a unique transaction process. Homes differ based on contract terms, financing options, inspection requirements and closing costs. It makes sense to have a CENTURY 21 Sales Professional by your side to help with negotiations as well as other parts of the home buying process, we can help.
If you're considering a move, or hear that any family, friends, neighbors or colleagues are, please feel free to contact us - We will get results.

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